How to Buy a Fluffeez™
  1. Pick out the Fluffeez™ plush(es) that you want to purchase. (Yes, purchase, sorry. We hate to take your money***,  but we’re told we have to.)

2. Put them in your cart. (Carefully. Don’t hurt them!) If all you want is a Fluffeez™ plush with an empty pocket, you can now skip to Step 5!

3We see you are reading Step 3. You must want to add a gift card. Click “Add Gift Card” at the top of the cart. (It’s a big button – you can’t miss it.)

4. Choose the perfect gift card for your Fluffeez™ to deliver. We don’t want to overwork the Fluffeez™, so please only order one gift card per plush.

5. View your cart and make sure you’re not forgetting anything! (We highly recommend ordering more Fluffeez™!)

6Click “Continue to Checkout” and, well, checkout! Input all of your information – your name, credit card number, mailing address, all-time favorite movie, dream last night, and phone number. Wait.. That’s not right. Why would we need your mailing address? Anyway…

7. We’ll charge your card (sorry, you asked for it), and ship it to you!

8. Check your mailbox in a few days and, after you take out all the letters and bills that have piled up because you haven’t checked your mailbox in a few days, find your Fluffeez™ package!

9. Give your Fluffeez™ to your loved one or keep it for yourself!

***This is a lie.

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