I made the best decision of my life the other night. You’re intrigued now, aren’t you? (Okay, the title probably intrigued you but I’m going to tell my dramatic story anyway.)

Go with me on a journey that started out with a bleak outlook but had a very happy and magical ending….

It was a cold and rainy Sunday. I didn’t have anything to do (except clean but psh.. I wasn’t in the mood), and my husband and dog were taking a nap. I decided to watch Netflix (whaaa? I know y’all can’t believe this.)

Something was missing. Aha! I remembered I had hot chocolate mix in my cabinet. But, when I opened my fridge, we were out of milk. UGH.. WHY DO BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE?! I would have to settle with water to make my hot chocolate. I almost gave up and just decided to go without, but then I remembered the magic of Google.

I Googled “What to add to hot chocolate mix.” There was a plethora of articles that came up, but the glorious Buzzfeed was listed first. What I saw was music to my ears.. I mean eyes.. I mean… whatever you get the point.

Nutella Hot Chocolate. Heck yes.

I heated ¾ cups of water (almost to a boil, but not quite), as directed by the hot chocolate packet. I poured it into a cute little coffee cup and mixed in the powdered mix.

Usually that would be the end of it, but not that day. I took a spoonful of Nutella and mixed it into the hot chocolate.

It was heavenly. Hazelnut hot chocolate was amazing and might be the best thing I’ve ever tasted. It was like warm, rich, creamy, drinkable Nutella, and who doesn’t want that in their lives?!

Full disclosure: I drank two.



Hailey Canada

Hailey is totally in charge of this blog unless you count her boss and a few others. Sarcasm is her superpower, but she has decided to use it for good instead of evil. She’s passionate about chocolate, animals (especially dogs), and traveling. Hailey is the Fluffeez™ social media specialist.

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