Pinterest is blowing up with holiday crafts. I’ve found everything from adorable greeting cards to cute centerpieces and DIY gifts. I love crafts and I love Christmas and I love Pinterest. BUT sometimes it can be overwhelming. What to try first? What won’t cost more to make than to just buy? What can I actually accomplish without being featured on Plus, many of you will be working with children. They’re home for the holiday break and now you’ve got to entertain them. What craft can they do with little supervision? I found this and had to go for it. We already had cardboard boxes in the office for me to cut up, so I was halfway there. (We also had super glue – yay!) I headed to Walmart to buy some red yarn (for $3ish.) All in all, this was a cheap, fun and easy craft. The worst part was getting super glue on my hands. (It’s mostly gone now.)
Step 1: Draw a Letter on a Piece of Cardboard.
Step 2: Cut the Letter Out.
Step 3: Punch a Hole at the Top.
Step 4: Put Yarn Through the Hole for a Knot.
Step 5: Super Glue Yarn to Top of Letter.
Step 6: Wrap the Yarn around the Letter. Use Glue to Secure the Yarn in Any Tough Areas.
Step 7: Super Glue the End of the Yarn.
This was pretty easy and it didn’t take too long. Even though the supplies were very simple, the end result was very cute! Even kids could do it! (Just make sure that they don’t super glue their fingers together!)


Hailey Canada

Hailey is totally in charge of this blog unless you count her boss and a few others. Sarcasm is her superpower, but she has decided to use it for good instead of evil. She’s passionate about chocolate, animals (especially dogs), and traveling. Hailey is the Fluffeez™ social media specialist.

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