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6 Struggles of Adulting

imgur.com someecards.com memes.com So.. you’ve made it. You are now in “the real world.” You’re adulting, as they say. Sure, adulthood is great. You can literally eat ice cream anytime you want. You can make your own decisions. No one is telling you how to spend your...

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Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

VALENTINE’S DAY IS THIS SUNDAY. Guys, I know that means that you will either use Amazon’s 2-Day shipping on Thursday or you will visit Walmart on Sunday morning. Ladies, you’ve probably known what you were going to buy for months, but if you need some last minute...

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Spring is Coming

It’s Groundhog Day! …...aaaaannnnndddd *drumroll please* Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow! PennLive Videos YAY! You all know what this means, right?! Right?? No more winter. Spring is coming. I’m very excited about this. While it may not be scientifically...

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Here’s to Thursday

How have I never written a #ThrowbackThursday blog? Well, better late than never I guess. Here goes. Thursdays are great. It’s literally the best workday of the week. Here’s why: 1 - Throwback Thursday music. Spotify has some really good #Throwback stations. If you...

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Learn Your Name in Morse Code

Today is “Learn Your Name in Morse Code Day!” This is probably more exciting to me than it should be, but I think it’s pretty cool. It also reminds me of a very funny The Office episode when Jim and Pam learn Morse Code to talk badly about Dwight when he’s with them....

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Hazelnut Hot Chocolate

I made the best decision of my life the other night. You’re intrigued now, aren’t you? (Okay, the title probably intrigued you but I’m going to tell my dramatic story anyway.) Go with me on a journey that started out with a bleak outlook but had a very happy and...

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Here’s to Christmas Traditions

Maybe we need to take just a second to discuss something very important… CHRISTMAS IS 3 DAYS AWAY!! This time of the year is full of family, friends, love, pretty lights, trees, presents, engagements, baby’s firsts, and lots of Facebook posts. Are you ready?   My...

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DIY Yarn Ornaments

Pinterest is blowing up with holiday crafts. I’ve found everything from adorable greeting cards to cute centerpieces and DIY gifts. I love crafts and I love Christmas and I love Pinterest. BUT sometimes it can be overwhelming. What to try first? What won’t cost more...

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Holiday Packing List

December is one of the best times of the year! It means families and friends and holidays. … and holidays tend to mean traveling. … and traveling means packing. Packing is the worst. I am the biggest fan of traveling. I love traveling. I love getting on a plane and...

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An Open Letter to Gift Card Buyers

Dear Aunts, Uncles, Bosses, Awkward Social Acquaintances and the Obligatory Gift Giver, There is this item called a gift card. It’s amazing. It allows me the power to choose my own gift. Of course, you know that. That is your go-to gift when it comes to people like me...

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