Dear Aunts, Uncles, Bosses, Awkward Social Acquaintances and the Obligatory Gift Giver,

There is this item called a gift card. It’s amazing. It allows me the power to choose my own gift.

Of course, you know that. That is your go-to gift when it comes to people like me – people you don’t really know but need to buy something for.

I’m happy for you, gift card buyers. While, if you buy me that body wash gift set, I might act like I love it (and truth be told, it does smell amazing), but you know good and well that I have at least five of those sitting unused in my bathroom cabinet. You would rather buy me something that you know I’ll use than waste your hard-earned money on something I probably won’t. You are a smart and savvy shopper.

I am not offended that you gave me a gift card. In fact, you didn’t have to give me anything at all. I’m grateful. Plus, you went through a bit of effort to get me this awesome gift.

You pushed past the gift card haters. Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about. You do have haters. They are the ones who give you dirty looks while you stand at the gift card stand. (Their carts are usually full of body wash gift sets.) They say that you should buy me a “real” gift. They say that a piece of plastic isn’t something that I’ll want to open. They say that you’re just lazy and that you don’t take the time to buy me something I actually want.

Don’t listen to those haters. You keep it up.

Because, the thing is, you know what I want. I want options. I want to pick out a present that I’ll actually use. I want to go out on a date to a nice restaurant with my husband. I want new music on my phone. I want some help paying for my groceries and everything else I have to buy now that I’m an adult.

And what are you going to do? Wrap up ketchup and paper towels and give it to me as a gift?

You barely know me. We may talk every once in awhile and we may genuinely like (or even love) each other. That doesn’t mean you know which CDs I already have or that you feel comfortable spending $150 on that FitBit that I so desperately want.

You put more thought into this gift than some might think. Maybe, subconsciously, you know more about me than you think you do. You wouldn’t have bought me a Starbucks gift card if you hadn’t noticed that I occasionally show up to work with coffee. You wouldn’t have picked up this T.G.I. Friday’s gift card if you hadn’t heard me say that I’m addicted to Jack Daniels chicken and loaded mashed potatoes. This Walmart gift card would have never left the store if you didn’t know I shop there.

You made a choice. You decided that you would rather give me what I want or what I need instead of making yourself feel better by buying me a “real” gift.

You know what? Gift cards are very real. Thank you.


Gift Receivers Everywhere



Hailey Canada

Hailey is totally in charge of this blog unless you count her boss and a few others. Sarcasm is her superpower, but she has decided to use it for good instead of evil. She’s passionate about chocolate, animals (especially dogs), and traveling. Hailey is the Fluffeez™ social media specialist.

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