Gift cards are fun to give and receive, But they look kind of dull just tucked in a sleeve. Fluffeez™ wrap them up with extra love and flair, To let that special someone know how much you care!


The purpose of Fluffeez™ is to wrap your gift cards in a bit of extra love. A Fluffeez™ plush is the perfect solution for those who love the ease of giving gift cards but recognize the importance of a tangible gift. A Fluffeez™ and gift card show that you took time to pick out a special plush just for your loved one and still provide the means to pick out their own gift.


Unlike a typical gift card holder, the job of a Fluffeez™ plush isn’t over after delivering a gift card. It becomes a completely separate gift that can be added to a toy box or displayed as a collectible.


There is a Fluffeez™ plush for every occasion. Whether your loved one is getting married, graduating, or having a birthday, you can wrap their gift card in a Fluffeez™ to show how much you love them. Don’t forget about the holiday plushes that are also available!



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